Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: Earth "Angels Of Darkness, Demons of Light II"

It's fucking Earth dude. These people don't put out bad albums. It just doesn't happen. So now that this one is about to be out many of you may be wondering if this is when the tower finally falls. But this is a band that has aged better than probably any band out there. While other bands are reuniting and attempting another stab at the glory days of their twenties, Earth has moved into adulthood with unbelievable grace. Some people get very tired of the Earth format of "choose riff, play riff for eight minutes, cool shit happens around it." but honestly, if that's all you're hearing then you need to brush up on subtelty. If you didn't like Earth before, this will not be the album to push you into becoming a fan, but for those who already love the subtle americana style they've adopted, this album will be moving and beautiful.

Best song: Corascene Dog

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