Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Boris "Heavy Rocks (2011)"

Alright, so over the past few weeks I have felt a general boredom with any form of music, not just metal. And leave it to Japanese masterminds Boris to get me out of a really bad slump. Heavy Rocks (not to be confused with the album of the same name released in 2004, look for the purple one) is one of the best slabs of music I have heard in a long, long time. The opening track burns speakers like varg burned churches, these are not riffs for the faint of heart, or those prone to seizures. As most of you aware of boris know, their albums take very quick turns, this is not an exception, right after the ungodly destruction "Riot Sugar" brought to your mind, the following song is reminiscent of sonic youth if they had gone through a dance music phase. This album runs the gamut from Heavy doom and stoner riffs to dance music to ambient shoegaze and everything in between. We even get a taste of their old drone stylings for a moment on what has become my personal favorite from this album, "Aileron". If you have yet to check out Boris, or think of them as a indie fad, you are missing out on what is one of the most inventive trios in music. I cannot wait to see what they will do next, and judging by the three albums already released this year (the amazing "New Album" and I don't give a fuck what anyone says, "Attention Please" is phenomenal) it won't be a long wait. Buy these albums right now.

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