Thursday, February 3, 2011

Five Best Concerts (or Festivals) I Have Ever Seen

This yearly festival in Austin, Texas, is a perfect example of good people still living in this world. Only at this show could you see Floor, Kylesa, Municipal Waste, Slick Rick, Best Coast, and Gwar all on the same set. Oh and ya know...MASTODON AND HIGH ON FIRE!!! For fuck's sake dude, this show had it all!!! I was only able to make it to the Sunday of this last year's festival, but being able to see Floor twice in one day is the most epic story I ever have had.

2. Sleep
I feel blessed to have seen this...seriously. That concert was more than loud guitars and weed, it was a spiritual experience. The Mohawk in Austin, Texas was the perfect place to see Sleep. It's an open venue, the place was sold out, and every person there was literally walking through a cloud of weedsmoke. Hearing Dopesmoker, and all of Holy Mountain was an amazing thing to behold. Even though Chris Haikus was no longer a part of the band when I saw them, Jason Roeder of Neurosis was an excellent fill-in. This was a perfect reminder of why I got into music in the first place, pure energy.

3. Iron Maiden
My best friend and I have been listening to Iron Maiden since we were thirteen, and because of the time we had gotten into them, it wasn't until we were nineteen that we got the opportunity to see them. Needless to say, we got to the venue at eight in the morning, before most of the employees, and waited. It started raining around noon, and didn't stop for hours. By the time we got into the venue we were soaking wet and freezing. But we had gotten front row to Iron Maiden. The show was incredible, 20,000 people. I was lucky enough to catch Steve Harris' wristband after it was thrown in the crowd, and we got to meet the insanely nice Nicko McBrain. That was a childhood dream realized, and another good reason why that band kicks so much ass.

4. Opeth, Baroness, High on Fire
Seriously...I don't even need to say a word about it. That lineup is enough to scare mere mortals. Purely epic in every sense of the word, and my first exposure to Baroness.

5. Torche
While alot of people say they are too poppy or soft, I couldn't disagree more. Go see them play Tarpit Carnivore and tell me that isn't the heaviest song you've ever heard. These guys are one of my favorite bands and they deserve all their current acclaim, and more. I cannot say enough good things about this band.

There are plenty of bands I haven't gotten the chance to see that I someday hope to, Sunn o))), Isis (yeah, I know, they're gone), Neurosis, Boris, I could go on for quite a while. But anyways, POST YOUR TOP FIVE CONCERTS EVER!!! Tell me why too! Don't just put a list, that's fucking lame!!!

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