Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Album Review: Earth "Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1"

Ok so as most would figure out by looking at our site, we are big Earth fans, as we suspect most of you are. Earth 2, Bees made honey in the lions skull, etc., all of these albums offer a kind of relaxed enjoyment of drone that most bands cannot match. Their new record is currently streaming on NPR and I decided to go ahead and review it so that you may be forewarned that this is not the same Earth you are accustomed to, this is a more mature focused Earth. But believe me, it's not such a departure that you will be hearing upbeat pop songs. The same slow movements permeate throughout this record.
The country "Desert" aesthetic of previous albums is back and feels more focused then before. I am very excited to hear the string section finally find it's way into an Earth album. The cellos adds a depth and warmth to an already organic feeling band. The cello will sometimes mimic the bass line to add an unprecedented depth to the songs. The drums, though not flashy, give the perfect almost jazz-esque vibe to these songs.
Dylan's telecaster sound has a subtle twang that is gorgeous on this album, with chords that remind me more of Dave Brubeck than Black Sabbath. I for one, feel that this is what Earth is and should be. A movement towards a grand feeling, and that's precisely what this album is, one breathing movement. It's unbelievably refreshing to hear such an organic, subtle album in the age of drum quantizing and eight string guitars with high gain amps. This is a breath of fresh air when every other band is attempting to suffocate you, and what a deep slow breath it is.


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