Sunday, January 16, 2011

Five Bands You Must Check Out (for Your Sake and Theirs)

1. Bongripper
      "These dudes constantly create something crushing and then lull you into a false sense of calm right before
        crushing your skull again. The super low tuned guitars are an obvious reason, as well as the heavy as hell
        bass sound, but what will really get under your skin is the unbelievable groove. Buy their albums, all of
        them, now. Besides, how can you not afford to have an album called "Satan Worshiping Doom" in your
2. Kongh
      "Swedish metal trio's fucking rule, Kongh is no exception. Destructive guitar riffs, mind blowing calm
        interludes, and awesome vocals make this band something you, as a metal fan, cannot ignore. I only wish
        these dudes had more of an opportunity to tour the U.S. Go listen to "Voice of the Below" and tell me this band doesn't have an epic album in their future."
3. Isole
      "More Swedes, and more epic music. Not as crusty as most recent doom has been, Isole take the route of creating mind altering melodies while having some of the best guitar riffs I've heard in a long, long time. They also can satisfy anyone's taste for awesome shred guitar, without a sense of pomposity or showing off. I
       recommend you listen to their song "Dark Clouds" and immediately buy some robes and candles."
4. Ahab
      "From Germany, comes the heaviest band I have ever, in my life, heard. Ahab may be the first band to be
       completely deserving of the title of their genre, Nautic Funeral Doom. In other words, expect epic songs
       about Moby Dick. Now I know some people are going to get all upset and be like "well that's not cool
       Mastodon did it first." That may be true, but Mastodon didn't take the same road, while their album was
       fast, sludgy, and heavy, the albums Ahab produce are funeral dirges played at coma speeds. This is not
       for your average grindcore fan. These albums will give you the sensation of drowning in the loneliest part
       of the ocean. I defy you to find a heavier band."
5. Blood Ceremony
     "This band is the epitome of old school doom...with flutes. It's like if jethro tull didn't suck and actually
       played badass doom. These records sound like they're from the seventies in tone and quality. There isn't
       much more to say, they're fucking awesome."

So, I guess the point of all of this is that these five bands, among a large group of many others, deserve your attention. So check them out, if you know any others that we should be checking out, give us a list! We'll keep looking and post as much as we can about new bands and the guys mentioned above as we find them.

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