Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doom remains relevant...

So, in this age of digital downloading, not going to shows, and buying every band shirt at hot topic, it comes as no surprise that a form of music which prefers vinyl, as their medium for which to destroy eardrums, is still somewhat popular. On alot of Southern Lord releases (home to Sunn o))), Pelican, Boris, etc.) you will find the quote "maximum volume yields maximum results". These are not albums for your quaint little ipod headphones. These albums make even the largest of sound systems a bit nervous. The amazing thing about these recordings, is that the louder they get, the better they sound. There is nothing like a Sunn Model T being pushed to it's limits, it will destroy you and everyone in a thirty mile radius. The reason all of this is coming up is because we are sick of seeing bands with solid state amplifiers, choreographed moves, and hair that took longer to get right then their songs. I want my bands having loud tube amplifiers, possibly not even moving onstage, and hair that doesn't look washed. The uglier the people, the heavier the music.

So, to finish, next week we will have an interview with a man that you can thank for records ranging from saint vitus to sunn. We will have an interview with Conrad Sundholm, the man who created the Sunn 0))) amplification company. I am excited beyond words because I never have found interviews with the amp makers that create these amps that are practically worshipped by musicians and fans.

Thanks for reading.

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